Our History


Before year 2003 most founder members of PCEA Gateway Church were worshipping at the PCEA Thome Church. The members felt the need to establish a worship centre within reach particularly because of the children. Some of these members came together and mooted the idea of getting a plot in Thome 1 Estate where they could build a sanctuary to conduct children's service. Around September 2003 two plots were bought by PCEA Thome Church with this need in mind.

On 1st June 2004, the construction of the current semi permanent 'mabati' church started and was completed on 26th June 2004.On Sunday 27th June 2004, the Kirk session of the then P.C.E.A Githurai Parish met at the new church at Gateway and authorized the starting of the Gateway Church.

On the same day the first congregation of the Gateway Church assembled in the new church under the following elders: The Late Moses Mbugua, Joseph Mwema and Godwin Kamore.


Since then the Church has seen tremendous growth from the initial congregation of about 150 people to about 600 people in March 2010 when Gateway became a Parish. Currently there are about 1,000 worshippers made of about 200 children, 200 youth members and 600 adults.

The initial project the church undertook was purchase of plots in the neighborhood to facilitate expansion of the existing facility. Due to the growth in numbers the current church building became too small for the worshippers. In year 2008 the idea of building a new bigger sanctuary was conceived and in September 2009, the construction of the new church started.

Parish Ministers Who have served in PCEA Gateway Parish

2010-2012 - Rev. Peter Thairu Kenyanjui

2013-2018 - Rev. Jason Kinyua Mwirichia

2019-2023 - Rev. Josephine Watetu Mutuota

2024-          -  Rev. David Chege Gichua

Our Assumptions

We will not take anything for granted but we will pray that the following will be so or will continue as is or get better .

  • That the Parish will increase and retain the current membership
  • That church members will continue the spirit of contribution and giving in the support of parish projects
  • That the church membership will continue to participate in ideas and action
  • That there will be continuous good leadership and stewardship within the parish
  • That our country will be stable in all aspects. This includes the political, economic, social aspects and in all other dimensions. This will enable good evangelism atmosphere.

Order Of Services

Youth Service:  10.00am - 12.00pm 

English Service:  08.30am - 10.00am

Kiswahili/Kikuyu Service:  10.30am - 12.30pm

Church School 1st Service:  09.30 am- 10.55am

Church School 2nd Service:  11.00am - 12.30pm

News and Events

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