Social Responsibility

2022/2023 Officials

Patron - Eld Purity W Kinyanjui

Chairperson-Elizabeth Wanjiku Karinga

Secretary -Auralia Wamuyu Karoki

Treasurer - Terry Wambui Wanyutu


This committee was launched 27.05.2012 by the then Parish Minister Rev. Peter Kenyanjui. 

They also co-opted members from the other parish groups. The group is currently supporting   students in high school as well in college with school fees & other school necessities.

The formation of the committee is in pursuit of the five year strategic plan (2011-2016) in establishing the fifth support pillar: Positive parish and community linkages. This is in fulfillment of one of Gateway's Core Values: Caring, which encompasses love for all. "In all our thoughts and actions, we will think and act in consideration of others.


The objectives of the committee shall be to promote and develop the church image by catering for all problems of social nature that affect human beings both inside as well as outside the church.

In consideration of our neighbours, we need to look for ways we can help minimize:

  • Social degradation and related public behaviours e.g. lethal drinks, drugs etc. by imbuing hope and self esteem.
  • Challenges posed by HIV and AIDS, other sicknesses and disabilities in the community.
  • Poverty levels, low levels and quality of education, and unemployment in the community.
  • Insecurity in the neighbourhood.
  • Degradation of the surrounding environment
  • False attractions and promises of cults and other dangerous beliefs.

Suggested Activities as per Strategic Plan:

  • Offering bursaries and daily upkeep to orphans and other needy children in the community
  • Help the elderly; consider providing a feeding centre or home for them
  • Identify special cases e.g. learning and physical disabilities (such as autism, cerebral palsy, blindness, deafness etc) and address those needs
  • Establishing a counseling and drug rehabilitation centre
  • Strive to eradicate poverty through entrepreneurship training
  • Educate people about disease prevention and management, hygiene and healthy lifestyles

Order Of Services

Youth Service:  10.00am - 12.00pm 

English Service:  08.30am - 10.00am

Kiswahili/Kikuyu Service:  10.30am - 12.30pm

Church School 1st Service:  09.30 am- 10.55am

Church School 2nd Service:  11.00am - 12.30pm

News and Events

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