Gateway Vision Choir

Vision Choir Members

This is a group that started way back in 2011, with all the challenges a new group would face;serves mainly in the English Service. It is composed of about 29 persons.They meet every Wednesday and Friday from 7pm for practice. The year 2015 saw them come up with their own Gateway Vision Choir Strategic Plan which continues to be implemented.

They have held retreats to help them bond, and have made presentations in both Youth Service as well as Kiswahili Service.

Angelic Choir (Kiswahili Choir)

Angelic Choir Singing

This is the choir that serves in Kiswahili service. Its composed of at least 40 members who meet every Monday & Wednesday for practice. They hold presentations every Sunday during services. The members also create time to practice on the keyboard any day of the week.

Gateway Angelic Choir successfully produced an audio CD in 2012 and have plans to produce a Video CD in the near future. They have hosted other choirs from Presbyterian Church here at Gateway and held fellowships with them in the afternoons after service.

They hold Christmas Carols here in the church every December in anticipation of Christmas Day which have seen a big turnout from members who participate. Two of their members went ahead to be ordained as Elders here at Gateway church i.e. Mrs. Jeniffer Gichimu in December 2008 and Mrs. Lilian Kiambuthe in August 2012.

The Choir also goes for retreats and also visit other church choirs to strengthen their fellowship as well as learn from others.

Praise & Worship Team


They are an integral part of worship on Sundays. The Praise & Worship Team usually steer the praise in worship sessions every Sunday. They are composed of youth members as well as other church members.

They meet every Wednesday and Friday evening for practice and plans are in the pipeline to have an Instrumentalist/Music Trainer to practice with them at least twice a week. They successfully hosted a Praise & Worship Extravaganza for the past two years in collaboration with Evangelism Team and this has been agreed upon to be a yearly event. They are also active in Keshas & Crusades.

Order Of Services

Youth Service:  10.00am - 12.00pm 

English Service:  08.30am - 10.00am

Kiswahili/Kikuyu Service:  10.30am - 12.30pm

Church School 1st Service:  09.30 am- 10.55am

Church School 2nd Service:  11.00am - 12.30pm

News and Events

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